June 1, 2013

Far above the clouds

Wisps of smoke drift from houses

So many lives

So many souls

We take for granted that we are not the only ones

I think we forget others exist

As our world pushes closer to death



Bringing up our children

Always hoping they will grow into something good

Blood sweat and tears

A life well lived

As old age grows like moss around your limbs

The house you must sell

When your partner in life crosses over

Things you must sell

To make room for the small place you now find yourself in

A box

A hard life

A lost love

It comes to this for many

Ending your days

In a room chatting to yourself

For none rarely come to visit

Surrounded by your memories

Tokens of love

Pictures on holiday

Random things picked along the way

You know

Sitting in your small home now

You know

They will throw away that which they cannot sell

A few pictures kept

A thing here or there that sparks memory


Maybe not

Far above the clouds it really doesn’t matter

They are just history repeating itself

Waiting to happen

They shall become that which they pity

We all do

No matter how you bring your children up

Greed takes control

A select few break the mould

Not everyone is the same

Until money comes into play

Friends become enemies

Lover’s turn to hate

Family lay shattered on the Earth

Everything you spent your life building breaks

With death comes death of all things

Comes boxes in the garbage

Filled with holiday pictures and things collected along the way

Items unable to sell

Pointless artifacts from an old woman and her husband

Memories never told

Memories best forgotten

Now that those who cared for them have gone

Far above the clouds