June 2, 2013

Dark mind sitting on a shelf

Sealed in a box

To scared to let you out

A smile so fragile to change would it shatter

Sending a thousand smiling shards to the floor

A thousand smiling knives to slice the soul

Dark mind crouching in the shadows, waiting for happiness to pass by

So silent with blade in hand

Ready to cut down the sun

To slice the ropes and bring down the curtains dark

Self-doubt creeps into the corners, whispering words of defeat

A negative sun casts its eerie rays across the landscape

Sending gray to cover like a sheet the green hills that stand before you

The world of black and gray consumes

As temptation fingers slimy over the lid of the box

No longer on the shelf it sits open on a side table

A slick line of defeat like a slug whined its way into the darkness

Leaving the shell of a man to face the suns glare

Surrounded by the agonizing silence