June 3, 2013

There is never a set time for it to arrive

More… a series of events that transpire

Good or bad, usually bad build the platform on which we venture to the top

To see the light and follow the darkness we have created

This age of understanding comes with its price

It always does

Yet from this… if we are wise do we climb to the top

To become that which we have always dreamed we would be

That which we always hoped we could be

Tear down your negative walls

Your pointless anger towards those that reacted to your actions and words

Kick to the curb this self doubt you have hunkered across this world

A heavy bag that would bruise the shoulders and damage the soul

Constantly damages it while it weeps

Remember one important thing

It always will

For this or that or the other

It will always flow like a natural spring with no end in sight

Filling bottles with poison to murder the souls of the innocent

And the guilty alike

With your new knowledge you can see those for what they are

As they lay in the summer sun

Its glaze burns your skin as you sit for hours staring at the dead

Calculating your actions of the past

Boxing away your guilt and your fears

Never ignore them

Learn from them

Let them become your mantra for the future

Pray for those you wronged in the past and never treat those you love now the same

History repeating itself has become the bitter sweet love story for fools

Sitting in their room in the semi darkness drooling over page after page

Till the sun begins to creep in and the darkness takes its leave

Grateful for the respite from your self indulgent abuse

Tears stain the wood work around your bed, twisting it into shapeless motions of hopelessness

Two lovers embroiled in a battle of hate, never to part, frozen in wood

Upon your demise do they see the warped actions of your ignorance at play as these lovers dance from panel to panel creating a macabre movie of pointless existence

To be repeated over and over again

This age of understanding

It’s not what you think

It doesn’t knock upon your door with a calling card and a bottle of miracle potion

It’s the spider down the back of your shirt

The almost car accident when life starts to flash, then stops… heart beating fast in the chest as sweat begins to pour while horns lock in a musical ballet of obscenities

That time you think the one you loved more than anything in existence had died

It is all these things rolled into one

It wont slap your face

It will just let you know

For a second, for a minute if you’re lucky even a day if you pay the Devil his due…

But when it leaves

You are left with just yourself

Look closely with your actions

Listen to your lovers words

There is no tomorrow to make it right

Tomorrow is when they are packing their bags while you are at work

Tomorrow is when you return home to an empty house and a bag full of regret sitting by the front door

Your time has passed

You missed your boat

Now watch it sail into the sunset

Nodding your head with a half smile and tears

Filled with the age of understanding