June 4, 2013

As I sit within the confines of my mind

Do I hear your voices echo

Sending a shiver down my spine

Sending me into a place of restless fear

For not what you did

Nor for wont of a better word what I had done

More for whom you have become

Mere words can never express

No emotion could bring the truth

The sad sad truth

To what you now are

I sit sometimes in front of the building

At where we once did inhabit

I wonder in somewhat of a nonchalant way

While sipping my coffee

So fresh

So piping hot

I wonder to where you went

Once the deed was done

I say deed

When it really should be murder

It was really

You know it for what it became

You lied

You stole

Should you stand now before me you would find


You would find the bitter side to a hot cup of java

You would find my back

As it walked away from you

The liar

The thief

The lover

Gone now

So much like the Autumn leaves

So gone now

Like my heart

As the Winter winds pick it up and cast it to the four corners

So little do you know of those things you know so much of

So hated are you by blood of your very own

They whisper your name

Whisper it do they

For none miss the thing you became

So loved by many does this woman carry herself up on high

So loved now by none but herself

Does she find her soul so low

Hiding within the confines of the shadows

Blending into the darkness

To become something much more than they

As the sun shines do the shadows dance

All but one

As the shadows dance does this one remain motionless

I cry for you

For what you became

I cry for the shadow

That became a darker shade of black