June 6, 2013

Shadows by your bed at night

Darker than the night itself it stands out like black on white

The dripping of the faucet whispers cruel intentions

Evil it seems has escaped your dreams

Escaped your room

The very darkness it once needed to survive

Out it has gone into the world to wreak havoc upon those you love

I saw a woman today on the news

No more sense of dignity she cries for all to see

Crying for her son killed in another senseless war

She has joined the common ground of the enemy



Their tears mix together forever morning the loss of a child

Their tears

Both are salty to the taste

No difference

Except in belief

A cloud in the distant sky takes the shape of a giant mushroom

God it seems, likes to taunt us with the inevitable future we have set for ourselves

When one day we shall all lay still throughout the world

Our souls open to the sky

So that God can see them torn