June 20, 2013

I watch as unknown cities pass beneath my feet one after the other

A sea of steal and glass

Wood and tile

Swimming pools and lush green gardens

Little ants scurry and drive through their daily lives as unknowing of me as I am of them

Soon those cities melt into towns growing smaller as each one passes

Until there is nothing but isolation with a thin line to drive you through it

Two towns in the middle of nowhere slid silently by

I lift my finger like a God bridging the gap between them

Then they are gone

And I shall never know their names

Maybe it’s better that way

You know, a kind of mystery

Always wondering

The flat land suddenly gives way to the roaring heights of the mountains as they

Stretch their arms to the heavens

Trees cover the lands

Hill after hill seemingly endless

Until I notice them growing thinner

Something that looks like a gash appears through

Its very heart

A road.

For the loggers to come and go

I could see the distant haze from the trucks as they kick up the dirt loaded full with giant

Trees that probably took hundreds of years to grow
Cut down in minutes

Almost like they were cutting out the earth’s soul

The planes shadow races ahead of us as we quickly leave the horrors behind.

Soon small towns begin to appear again

Growing larger as every minute goes by

I look into the distance and see the city as it loom large against the horizon

I prepare myself

To be lost

Once again

In its towering gray walls