1st random sh*t post

July 1, 2013

So, my first random sh*t posting is more of a semi rant really, but that’s what this little section is for, rants,

observations, weird things that pop into my head that kind of thing really.

It’s not designed to enthrall the world or change your stance on any level,

political or otherwise.

Here in Portland, I’ve come to know it as the land with no heat, Summers here have been, for the last 4 years now anyway, crap.

A week of good weather almost mid 90’s then it’s gone, and back to grey skies and the occasional drizzle.

I guess for me growing up in Sydney did spoil me to the ways of other climes, and I get that as the temp today is climbing into the 90’s with talk of

possible 100+ those not use to it, will feel the heavy weight of a fresh Summer hit them harder than normal.

That said, I’ve not met many here that praise the cold, and rain when it returns, as it always must, I just hear bitching, and complaining about it being constantly wet, or always cold.

Strangely enough from the same damn people bitching about it being too hot!

I will admit I am guilty of bitching about the rain, and cold weather, it is, it seems a human condition to have to whine about something, but at least I’m happy with Mother Nature for a quarter of the year.

My thing is, it’s too hot? take a trip to the coast, it’s always cooler there, too cold? take a trip to the high desert, the dry heat is a marvelous thing to be engulfed by, that is the beauty of Portland, you are only hours away from every season, Mt Hood if you want snow, coast for your sand, Madras and the surrounding towns for desert and rattle snakes.

On an off note, I hate the words desert, and dessert, always buggered them up in school, lost an A once as my gang of villains and thieves all lived in an abandoned house within the realms of a dessert, my teachers only response on the top of the page “Mousse or some kind of pie?” B

but I digress as I always do, and if you hang around to read my random thoughts, you will find it a common practice of mine to do so.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it, just a small rant to start this section off….wasn’t really even a rant was it? more like a small venting akin to a dog farting really, but it’s out now, so inhale, and maybe even enjoy, as I’ll be randomly posting stuff often.