July 19, 2013

Thou shalt not sin in a house of glass

For fear that the sinless wait outside with hands full of rocks

Waiting to judge

To kill with a clear heart

Murdering a murderer is not murder

Killing the killer

Silencing the voice of sorrow

The grip of shame

Caught in the middle of nothing at all

Forever trying to justify the actions you never made

A house of shattered glass lay strewn for all to see

Littering the path it slices tender feet

Cutting to the bone

Each step leaves the blood soaked testament to innocents lost

A testament to darkness embraced

Staring at the pieces you look upon the reflection of a stranger

No one knows you now

Least of all yourself

Cold nights in the darkness

Listening to the howling somewhere in the distance

Listening to the crying somewhere in yourself

Catching the echoing sobs of your lost life
As they race away down darkened hallways

Your shattered house of glass

You thought it so strong that none could destroy the foundations

Half right you stand knowing in the scattered remnants of a life long gone

Blood dried and carried by the innocent winds you come to understand

None could falter the foundations of the home you had created

Solid they stood against each coming storm

Solid they stood with every howling rage

Weak they became

When you did

Crumble did they

When you did

Lost are they now

As you are

Rain comes drowning your world

Watching as water fills the vacant foundation

As empty as your soul

Watching you see your life dragged away by the pull of time as it screams through the cascading waters

Crying, your tears mix with the rain and race from cold cheeks

Diving into pools of oblivion

As your tired soul cries forever wishing to join them

Embrace the darkness

End the suffering
Embrace the knowledge

Cease the ignorant ranting

Embrace death

Embrace life

Wake this morn and understand

Wake this morn and realize

Your house of glass still stands

As wicked thoughts scurry through your mind

Your life still is

You are the foundation

Be it as you wish for your vision to become reality

I see the cracks already starting to form

Time waits patiently for your stupidity to rear its ugly head

As sadly it shall

Vision will become reality

Reality shall become darkness


That never-ending pain in your chest shall become

As the shattered victims are washed away by time

Leaving not a memory of whom you once were

Or what you might have been

Leaving only victims in your ignorant wake

A distant thought you became

A word spoken with venom from placid tongue

A photo with a missing piece

So sad as love still remains regardless the actions

No longer spoken aloud you join the chorus of prayer

A fallen soul forever lost

Some would say a fallen Angel

Most wouldn’t

Your last moments revealed to the world

You wait as the rain on the roof beats with a steady mantra

Last thoughts are only pity for yourself

Selfish to the end

Then you are gone

And no one mourns your passing

Not even she who forced you into this world once word was sent

A silent tear was shed

A silent tear slipping down a heartbroken cheek

A single tear spilled for your passing


Such a shame

It was your own