That 1st step into the unknown, and other rambling bollox

July 24, 2013

I’ll come up with better titles here soon enough

Sometimes a title can be harder than actually starting a thread, or topic, that epic novel everyone says they have

hidden deep inside.

That first step into the unknown of your mind, for some it’s like water off a ducks back,

others, it can be quite a scary event.

I’ve known several people who never crossed the line, and put pen to paper

or fingers to key these days.

It’s a shame as to how many great stories will never be read, due to constrictions

of life, fear, and just thinking that writers ever constant doubtful voice,

“What if no one likes it?”

I did that most of my 20’s and 30’s, punctuation was an evil, and grammar it’s whore that loved

to sit by my side and taunt me throughout the night.

I’m of the age now, that I really don’t care, there will be people who love and loath my work,

nobody is going to like everything you write, hell there are poems, and stories I’ve written that I don’t even like.

Still others do, as it’s not up to me in that regard, so like it or not, I still post them, I do have my doubts on the length

of many of my poems, some it seems go on forever with no end in site!

but for me, it needed to be that long, as it never sat right if I were to cut it at any other point than that final line.

I think the same goes for other writers, those I have chatted to share similar feelings on the subject.

Still…..that first blank page, that hurdle for so many, I’ve learned to pick up where ever my mind begins, and in most cases, it rarely ever begins at page one.

I seem to jump into the middle of situations brought about by a conglomeration of many aspects, normally that one physical action I bare witness to, brings them all together into one big idea, conversations had, or over heard, moments out on the street, news items, or moronic TV verbage, a writers mind takes snippets of all these things, I do it subconsciously most of the time.

Then that one action, one story for me was created within 10 minutes from a man sneezing on the train as we left the tunnel, the sun fill the carriage, and as he sneezed I watched in horror

as his sneeze spread throughout the entire area, one thought in my head “God, if he was infected each and every one of us is doomed” 4 stops later I had my entire structure laid out.

It’s a very exciting process, I love being in that moment, it’s an emotional experience that is very hard to explain.


sorry, I’m babbling as usual.


Just wanted to throw that out there, not for any particular reasoning, it was floating around in my head, so I thought I would share it, I’m no expert, but as a man once told me

“Even the experts, need experts to help lead them from time to time, no one is perfect on every level, realize that, and you’ll get through life a lot better”

I guess he’s right, I wish I knew where he was now, I’d be very interested to see how his life has turned out.

Writers are nosy buggers you know 😉