July 27, 2013

I’m not a big fan of this poem, but it holds a certain meaning to me.

Sitting in my chair

I watch the sun as it casts it fading glow

Stretching across the room

Crying for more time

A voice from my past whispers to me

My childhood beckons

My innocent times

Watching the room grow dark

Windows open to the world

To the breeze that slips across the land

Watching the stars as one by one they emerge

As age grips me I know

No one will understand the beauty of it all

No one will wish to sit in a room as the suns sets

Watching the shadows

Embracing the dark

As one by one the stars greet me for yet another night

So many nights

So many people they have befriended

So many friends they have lost

My old friends mother told me of three stars she would look at

Sitting on her porch in South Africa

My brothers three stars

The very same

So many years apart

So many worlds away

Coming together to mark an end

Now years later I too look up

I see them and think

I never claimed you as my own

How could I?

Too many have done so before me

I look up and wish them well

while I listen

To the voices from the past

As Orion’s Belt slips silently from my sight