August 8, 2013

Rushing through the trees

Looking for that thing you didn’t know you lost

That piece you could never find

Yet always knew you never had

Forever running blindly tripping over the love of those you fail to see

Cursing your life

Spitting on your job

Ignoring the reactions of your actions

Doing things for others yet feeling like you fail when it comes to those you love

Never understanding that as you are

Is what they want


Mindless music plays the march of your blind race for salvation

Faceless souls watch you stumble watch you fall

Sharp rocks slice you to pieces

The end in sight you breath a sigh of relief

Bleeding from ignorance you fall to your bloodied knees

Softened pebbles caress your wounds

Loving words go unanswered

Wishing for home as the light approaches

Wishing for reason

In this dream of total confusion

This reality of fate

My ignorance cries from the balcony

As the soul watches from darkened wing

The curtain drawn I stand before the world

A full house tonight

Lights in place my part is ready

The homeless man

The fool

The hero of the hour

The faceless crowd watch without a sound

Without eyes they stare at my performance

Without mouths they whispers their disgust

Without ears they listen to the silence of the old man clapping

Somewhere in the back

Sitting in the shadows

Well out of sight

As homeless as I

As brave as they come

Without moving they turn to him

Without caring he stands and claps louder

My homeless mind embraces the hour

My soul continues to watch from the shadows

Such the coward

The lights grow dim as the faceless slowly make their way out into the dark

The old man already gone

The only one with eyes

The only one with knowledge

As homeless as I