Brace yourself…..

September 22, 2013

Winters coming!!

It is with mixed emotions that I sit here at my desk.

The rain is pouring down, as the winds rip through the trees,

I watch the fresh autumn leaves scatter to the four winds, too early their time to die.

I’m a sun whore by nature, I grew up in Sydney Australia and soaked up the heat for at least 4 generations worth of my loins.

So for me Winter is a hollow season, a stuck inside on the weekends, or shivering on my way to work with freezing hands season.

At least that was more of my perspective in my younger years, as I grow older my opinion has begun to change somewhat.

Now I see it as an opportunity to sit at my desk as I do now, and write, write like the winds ripping defenseless dying leaves too early from the trees, I have my novel idea fresh in mind, and now I see Winter as more of the opportunity it has become.

To sit inside, fire roaring, laptop keys making their merry tune as I slice words across my screen, wind and rain be damned, Summer I know shall return to me, like a brazen woman of the night, smiling her wicked smile and breathing warm Summer air once again into my Winter soiled lungs.

I know, I know…..drama drama, its just a bloody Winter, get over it.

I am, but as the title of this section denotes, this is some random shit, that popped into my head, my perception of Winter has changed, and I felt like vomiting it into electronic form for any poor bastard willing to read it.

Plus, it made me wonder how others view the changing of the season, if you’ve read any of my short stories, and or poetry you will know my perception of life is a little darker than most, so is that merely the case? I’m odd in that regard, or are the seasons an adventure different for everyone else as they experience the changes?

Thinking about it, I am quite morbid really, as I sit and look out my window at the bending trees, and cascading leaves I sometimes idly wonder if this will be my final Winter, final holiday season….dark I know, but we all have our quirks right?

Personally I’d rather have this way of thinking than have the desire to collect thousands of strangers as friends on Facebook, like it is a race, and something grand to be had at the finishing line, to me that’s just weird. 😉