September 22, 2013

Searing pain mixed with blood

Does the little Lamb come

Youth lost to carnal pleasures

Does the innocents die

Little Lamb so still within the shadows

A little soul lost

A little girl does cry

In this world of pain and blood

Darkened walls and shadowed landscapes

Crawl around the confines of her prison

Tears drop into the dirt on the floor

Mixing with blood

Creating loss

Creating misery

A stranger slips through the shadows

A hero of the hour

A monster for all time

The father

Born from hatred

The father

The killer

Stealing into the night

To erase his mistakes

Stealing two souls

To save his own

As silence engulfs the park

Wind pushes the swings

Squeaking the pain of rust and abuse

Crying to loss

Found by a child

Scarred forevermore

Little Lambs without their fleece

Waiting for their time

A Little Lamb born

For the slaughter