October 8, 2013

As each day goes by

With every passing moment

Anything could happen




The end of each day brings closer your demise

Yet we wake

We laugh



Be it our body

Or our souls

Each day we lose a little bit more

That little bit of who we once were

As we wake in the morning

We become a piece of the day before

As wrinkles creep up

And gray hair creeps in

We look at a stranger in the mirror

Wondering where the person we knew had gone

We are a mixed bag

A conglomeration of every moment

Every aspect

Every emotion we have ever had

When we die do we lose that?

So pointless would our existence be if that were the case

So pointless it seems anyway really

We live to work

We kill for love

We push ourselves until we break

We are pushed until we break

Tears falling to uncaring ears

Keys left on a table

Heart left in the dirt

Blood sweat and tears


What made them so hard to cut you so deep?

Who killed the child within?

So they may kill the child within you

Who gave them the right to murder your soul?

Leaving you to live without it

Who gave them the right to destroy you?

Who created the person

That on this day

Created you anew

How sad

How human

As you look into the mirror

One last time