That blank white page of death…

October 13, 2013

Anyone that comes here, and writes knows of this Evil


You have a million ideas racing through your head, every angle of your story arc,


your characters all perfected to a T!!

If you’re like me, you have built your timeline, your characters names, history, and personal quirks,


While at work, you go into auto mode as you continue to build on this amazing new world that you have created.


Then once you sit down to begin………..nothing.

That blank first page sits, and taunts you like a school girl crush who knows you like her (I’m sure we have all had that experience)


How do you get past that point?


For me, I have always started in the middle of something, a battle or a major life threatening event that happens at some point in the distance from the original beginning.


It doesn’t always work for everyone, but for me, it has been my door opener on the story, I rush through the current experience in my head, I delve deep into the characters emotional roller coaster, the “What would he do in this situation?” routine.

Like I said, works for some not others.


Yet now I sit, with several pages written of a 9 book venture, a bloody battle field, fallen soldiers, and enemy around his feet, while betrayal comes silent to kill his good intentions……..with a damn blank page.


My attempts to start at the beginning, I know it must be done as that is how the story plays out in my head, I can’t do this one in patch pieces then stitch then all together, the story line is to intricate to meander through the arc with palms down caressing the tops of the written leaves, it has to be a down on your knees, hands in the dirt dig.


So how to do it?


I guess every writer needs to find that routine, that one thing that pushes them forward into the great unknown of the universe they have created, a lot of my writing is poetic shorts, and short stories, I’ve tried to do the long haul, yet always found myself telling a story to quickly, this is going to be a serious challenge, one I embrace without hesitation.


Once I figure out where my arms are….