Thanksgiving and other rambling crap

November 28, 2013

November 28th just another day for most of the world, unless you live in America.

Today in the USA is Thanksgiving day, a day for the family to come together and be thankful for what they have in this life,

well for many they still do that, for most it is now a reason to eat a lot, and watch sports, while eagerly awaiting the next day.

Black Friday.


I saw a meme on Facebook the other day it said “Thanksgiving is a day to acknowledge that you’re happy with what you have then will step

on a person trying to get the best deals the next day”

Black Friday is if you do not know, when all the stores cut their prices, some by 75% it has become the ugly side to America as far as I’m concerned.

You may disagree that is your right to do so, but I’ve been out on Black Friday twice in my 13 years of living in the USA, and it was ugly, so ugly that I refuse to leave my home unless

I really have to.

Maybe I’m over the top in my views, but I don’t think so, I mean it is safe to enter Target at 4pm with empty shelves and the blood has been mopped up (That was over dramatic I know) but there have been cases of that happening before, people crushed as the crowds surged into the store, you try getting 300 people through doors built for 3 max to go through at the same time.

Personally I feel Black Friday makes Thanksgiving Day totally null and void, but this is just my own opinion.


I’m the kind of thinker that also thinks Columbus Day is a totally ridiculous thing to celebrate as well, we know from history that the man was a ….for want of a better word Douche Bag searching for gold.

Don’t think I’m bashing here, I was born in England, they celebrate Guy Fawkes….you know, the guy who tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament, many other countries have weird or historically incorrect days of celebration, I just wish we today would just call them for what they are, and not pretend we get the meaning or even give two shits about it.

We are over worked in today’s society, we the common people will grab any day, any reason to be off work, and relax, maybe shoot fireworks if it happens to be the 4th of July.


4th of July….that’s another good one, while the premise of the day is still clear in most peoples minds, it should be renamed to “I love to have a picnic, drink too much and watch shit blow up” day, I remember years ago having to explain to an American that 4th of July was not in fact about the civil War, but about America’s fight for independence against my country, their reaction was “So you don’t celebrate it over there?” I also get the traditional “You guys still pissed we kicked your butts?” that has always been a favorite of mine, they seem disappointed when I tell then no-one in England really gives a shit, it’s history, you didn’t kick my butt or anyone else I know back in the UK so why do we care? to be honest though, I do love to watch shit blow up while drinking a beer, I’m a hypocrite get use to it lol


This isn’t an American bash, so please don’t take it as such, we can sit and talk about the English and how they praise the bloody Queen while she sits on her arse living of their hard earned money, total ignorance is not subjective to just one country by any means, I just happen to live in America, and am currently waiting for my massive turkey to cook, so I can eat too much, and be thankful, this little dripping of bile popped into my head in a massive rush of WTF? mostly truth be told, it wasn’t a subject I sit and think hard about by any means, hell we all celebrate Christmas for the love of God, and that was originally a Pagan holiday, had nothing to do with Christ, no…..I just had a random thought about the things we celebrate, and how twisted they have become from their original meanings.


As always I decided to share, now I must go, peel potatoes, and drink beer. 😉