A tip I should already know, yet decided to ignore…

December 27, 2013

We’ve all done it.

Created a work of such beauty that we sit and day dream of the accolades that will start to pour through our mail boxes.

Such poetry of words we nearly cry just editing it.

 Then we hit submit…….


Then that rush of WTF?? WTFFF just happened? where is my Nobel Prize in the making??!!!

Yup…..I took to long, and unknowing to me, I was signed out of my site, but still able to keep writing.

Because wheres the sense in letting you know you are about to be logged out right?

So I’ve now done this twice since Thanksgiving, and both times lost everything I had written…..maybe it was the literary Gods letting me know it was secretly crap lol

I’ve decided to go back to my old days, and write it all down in word or scriptner, which ever one I’m using at the time, save it, edit it, then copy n paste.

I’m keeping this one short because even though I’m spouting this tip I still jumped right into writing on the site directly lol it was an impulse thing, due to losing yet again another bloody blog post!!


So yeah…..write it first kids then post it, might save your laptop from learning how to fly! 😉