February 13, 2014

The End Times

The end of days

Whatever you want to call them I really could care less

They all mean the same thing

That God never really gave us free will

Free will is without limit

Yet man it seems has his

Angels creep as demons leap

God weeps as Lucifer laughs

The tables need be turned for the victory we think we shall have


We stand within the walls of churches singing the victories yet to come

We sing them into the halls of heroes

When in fact they have done nothing but watched

And when the time comes eradicate us from this world

Where’s the hero in that?

Fools we are to believe in those that never wished us upon this world

No different than the elder brother or sister that despises the youngest child in the fold the favorite one

God came down and was slain by man

He forgave us as we spat in his face

He loved us as we trashed his words

The words of God?

Or the words of a dictating mankind

We beat him

Kicked and stoned his broken body

Then if that were not enough we nailed him to the very thing he created

We are truly fools to think that we shall be saved

As foolish as those that enter the walls of supposed protection

The walls of God

The sanctum of Jesus

No vampire can enter

No Demon dares to touch upon the sacred soils

Truth be told they wish not enter

To touch the foolish misgivings of man

Who would wish to enter that?

They wait in the darkness to take our stupid souls

The true children of God

They have free will as much as we do

I do not see them in the Bible being cast aside like an old toy


Oh God

We are fools

Total fools in multiple worlds of reason without reasoning

Hatred for our own

Love for something you’ve never seen

To cast out your own blood for their faults

Flesh and blood

Drink this wine

It is my blood

Eat this bread

It is my flesh

Flesh and blood cast out

You missed the message

In all the hustle and bustle of reading the good book you failed to see what was right in front of your eyes for so long

We cast out our flesh and blood so long ago

We nailed it to a tree and pissed on his name

Flesh and blood was cut off that day

We were given a chance

Even given clues

I wasn’t even there! I hear you say

Pluck Jesus from history and place him on earth today

You tell me what would happen

Sure no nails would be found

Just a good shrink with a clipboard and a key to lock him up until the day he died

Who would be the more barbaric?

Them for using nails

Or us for using drugs

We are no different

They were as we are

We just have better shoes than they did

For our actions I say let the Angels come


Take us if you can

I dare you

Take us try as you might we shall still remain

We are the roaches of the universe

Nothing will eradicate us from the face of the world


Cry for the passing of God

Weep for the loss of the Angels

Jeer at the Demons that crawl throughout the darkness

Look not into the eyes of Vampires for least you loose the fight for mortal life

Mortal life

Like flesh and blood

Bread and Wine

A cross upon a hill

Silver shards of light pierce the heart as cold hearts laugh

We make silver the prime choice for our coins

Silver was always the cure for all things

Good or bad

Silver kills

Why do we use it for our every day actions?

Every country uses silver to signify importance


A hand full of silver

A mark of protection

Covered in dirt

Marked for betrayal

Silver bullets to kill the beast

Silver dollar pancakes covered in syrup

Stacked on a plate in a diner somewhere in a busy city

A city filled with darkened souls

Filled with the light we strive to find

The light of God

Search the shadows to seek the light of the inner being

Find the opposite

Darkness in light

Light in darkness

Things are not what we think they are

A handful of pancakes cast into the dirt

Syrup dripping into the dust like the blood of Christ

Blood pooling on the sun burnt earth created by god

One day we shall wake up

We shall realize the mistakes we made

One day we shall wake up

We shall wake up and see the Angels of Death as they make their way gracefully through the clouds

Swords in hand

Horns blowing

We shall see them for what they truly are

Not what we created from ignorant minds

No babies with fluffy wings

Beasts with a thousand eyes

Michael with a sword to cut the world

Gabriel the herald of our doom

The roaches of the world we are

The children of God we once were

The fools we have become

Shall we see our souls reflected in windows as they shatter to the sound of horns blown

Shatter like the illusions created

Splinter like the wood carried by Jesus

Congeal shall we, as did the blood by his feet

So foolish we are

So ignorant to the ways of the world

Of the worlds that live beside us

Hopeless of mind in these ignorant times

Do we wait for the lifting of The Veil