Stepping off the curb

March 19, 2014

Just wrote this…it’s dark, don’t read if you can’t deal with a woman being murdered from a first person perspective…

She danced through rooms like on air, her curvaceous smile a poison for all men,

she enticed them with her laugh, she remembers those times

She watched the trees as they slowly drifted from left to right, noting how many leaves would fall as they did so

The night clubs, the parties filled with youth, her ilk, she detested the old, they were lost life, live like there is no tomorrow was her motto

Somewhere she hears barking, it made her think of her childhood…

Her parents were old, almost 60 when she hit her mid teens, they never understood her

She refused to understand them, they were ancient, out of touch, she was the future

She would change the world, she knew it… could feel it in her youthful bones that never creaked nor cracked

She tries to move, and feels something crack,


She tries to remember….

Movement somewhere behind… her eyes blur…the dog barks with a more insistent tone

Each job was for losers; she was better than that, better than them…

She was the future

Her curves, her eyes blazing with life… an instrument to capture men

The future, she was certain…

A wind picks up as a sound like metal upon metal breaks the sudden silence of her mind

It felt damp… this wasn’t right

A party… she was at a party

Her future…. Her husband to be

His smile worked his magic faster than hers could…

His eyes as blazing as hers… she knew…

The future was now

They talked all night…

All night?

She noticed off to the left the sky looked bright… yes… all night

Why did she feel damp?

She tried to move her hands to wipe her face clean, and couldn’t

She felt tired

Her face was moist… it felt heavy

Why heavy?

A dream…

The trees creak bringing her back, they sway in perfect unison

She finds it strange that they are all perfectly the same

Dropping the same leaves…

She thinks back to her parents

Sometimes at night she would wonder what they were doing

Still alive?

She doubted it… old people…

Dead in Florida she had decided several years ago

While preparing for another party

Her legs started to feel heavy as confusion began to set in

She suddenly remembered her dog Clancy

This had to be a dream… Clancy was long dead like her parents

A dog she loved for a time, then became a hindrance, ignored enough to run into the road, and be killed

Stupid dog

To put yourself in the direct path of death

Her hips grew heavy

She tried to wake with little success

She remembered when she had sleep paralysis an ex would wake her as she screamed

Why wasn’t he trying to wake her now?

Where was he?

Sleeping, leaving her to lay in hell?

He will be gone in the morning

Never to return…


She looks up, and sees stars

She would never pay them any attention


There were dead, a nothing in her life, something to make love to under nothing more

They seemed brighter than usual, not the normal dull she has always been use to

A bright blazing explosion of peppered light, something her eyes had been compared to by so many men

It never flattered her, but she would pretend it did to garnish a few extra drinks before the evening got started

Her stomach felt heavy

She thought back to when she woke as a child, screaming

Her father had given her his grandmother’s blanket that she had made, it was heavy, too heavy for her, she had hated it and told him without hesitation

It smothered her, she felt like she was being buried alive, and had lived since in fear of that

She never saw his gesture for its true value

Besides it smelled of mothballs and death

She never met her grandparents on either side, so why would she ever care about some hideous blanket some old bitch had made when she was poor?

She had waited for her parents to leave once then burned it out in the backyard

Never once understanding her fathers tears

Her chest felt heavy

The trees where harder to see now, and one of them had vanished…

Where did it go?

Her confusion began to increase as she tried to move her legs to no avail

Suddenly she could smell cigarettes, the smoke drifted across her senses

She was still at the club… she had to be…

Her chest became constricted, her breathing harder and harder

She looked up finally looking into her futures eyes

Blazing brighter than she had remembered

He kneeled down looking deep into her eyes


She could see his love for her, she could smell it, like a room after sex

Her breathing steadied, it was paralysis, he had woken her up

His face suddenly turned, those blazing eyes grew black

Standing he dropped his cigarette on her chest

She tried to scream, yet found nothing

Her breathing had become shallow without her realizing

Something was not right

The stars while still bright had become fewer

A lone tree now stood…

Her panic tried to erupt

Splitting tape from bleeding lips, as her throat fill with soil

The tree disappeared

She tried to search for the stars one last time

Eyes blazing blue to the darkened skies

One last time

As her world filled with moist darkness

The heavy blanket covered her now completely

Smothering her

She drifted back to her room

Hoping to break through her grandmothers home made blanket

Ready to burn it a second time

Cold grips

Darkness embraces

The moistness of the soil slides where it can as she struggles to find her pillows

Shaking her head to wake up she opens her eyes

Into those blazing blue eyes

They fill with cold wet soil

As she tries to scream one last time

Then silence covers her

Soil settles

As the sound of a car drives away, music playing out into the woods

For the wolves to hear

The night still young…

so many bars filled with blazing blue eyes…

While her parents sit at home

Always wondering

Where their little girl had gone

Always hoping she would find herself

Returning one day

Knowing she wouldn’t

Like her dog

Racing out into the street

Never fully understanding

The dangers once you step off the curb…