Curse you Facebook, and other time wasters!!!

June 4, 2014

Hello again…


Been awhile, sorry about that…


Life sometimes gets in the way of important internet stuffs, very frustrating it is.


So….we all know and hate Facebook right?


and by hate I mean we go to it every damn day just to see our family and friends posting pictures of kittens doing cute shit,


or yet another picture of their new baby throwing up on Grandma…


For me personally, I despise Facebook, yet shocker…I just logged out of it before coming here.



It’s a time waster for writers…an excuse not to write….or even better, we post our writing on their just to be swallowed by said vomit, and kitty pics, with nary a like or comment about what we had posted….but we wrote…that’s all that matters…


I recently discovered the world of ESO Elder Scrolls Online (Think new version of WOW but I don’t live in my mums basement)

So now I have a new reason not to write….I’m at the starting gates to a massive writing idea with my partner (not that kind of partner….not that there is anything wrong with that, before the bashers jump onto my email)

It’s big…..very big…..iiiiiiiiiffffff I can stop using FB and ESO, not to mention all the other ungodly other sites out there as an excuse not to write.

get this…I use ESO as “Research” my story starts in space FFS ESO is medieval times (Fantasy, demons, warrior skeletons…that kinda shit)


not a single sign of a space guy to be seen, unless you look up at night and gaze at the electronic beauty of the twin moons as they silently drift by….while you slaughter a village of scoundrels.

This rambling snot, is just an off the cuff thought….mostly about how I probably could have a rough draft of I of IX books I know i can write……at least in my head….good god!! it’s all there already!!! now….to put pen to paper…or finger to key as is the way these days….

Fear is the killer of so many good ideas…it use to be Publishing houses, but with such a force for self publishing taking an amazing turn for the better, for those that just want to see their work bound, and who knows even liked!! heaven forbid!! with this market exploding, we really need to drop the fear.


Shitcan the excuse…and get the fuck off Facebook….you’ve seen one kid puke on someone you’ve seen them all….same with the kittens…not puking kittens, but that might keep me on FB even longer if people started to post crap like that…


I’ve created my galaxy’s, all of my characters are locked firmly into my head, as every day passes they do evolve as more experiences I create mold them, but we really need to get it out, get it onto paper, then out into the people.


Not everyone is going to like your stuff, but a good number will, and that’s all that matters, if you write to become rich, then go fuck yourself (No offense) we should write because we love it, because we want to share it with others who might even have a change of view regarding life because of our words!! what an amazing feeling that would be!!


Money is good….pays the bills, buys the laptop n wifi but it wont willingly change a persons views like your mind can….


Time to go….I have a dungeon master to kill on ESO 😉