Don’t drink and Write…

June 24, 2014


Wrote this a few weeks ago, had been drinking, and was in a very bad mood, slapped on the ear buds, cranked the music and did my thing.

Sometimes I reread what I write and wonder just where the fuck did that come from….?

To travel to the end of your own humanity, to find the goal that you always had thirst for

It’s a small thing really, the reality to your own soul

The truth behind the face you use every fucking day

That facade we create to show everyone we are happy

Or not pissed off by the words of others

We build the wall to show the world we are just as normal as they are

While they in turn continue to build their own walls

Sitting in silence as we

No different

Just with different beliefs…different views to the world

Some see it for its real worth

A worthless thing

A society of self-indulgent cunts that we fail to actually help those in a position less than our own

We build walls

We build worlds

To separate the lesser than ourselves

The keep their stench from entering our lives

Yet day after day…we smell them…. see them

We have no choice

They have no choice but to see me

As I them

And we look each other in the eyes, and do the silent nod

We know our place…. doesn’t mean we are going to stay there

Fuck that

We are who we are

We cannot ever control the inner being that refuses to emerge into the world in a blaze of glory due to fear of rejection from truth…

Heaven forbid we be who we are

Fuck you that I must explain my every move, my every action to justify your understandings of life

Yet here I sit on a bus and judge just the others

I become just the others

I am no different from them

Yet every night I pray to a dead god that I am different

I see it

Feel it

I know it once I go home and close the world out behind me

My stenches of the day lingering like an eel slipping between my feet searching for food

I hate it

I hate the day-to-day rat race

The constant job of making everyone happy, who once you’re done, do not care either way regardless

This world we have created is such a shit hole

The homeless suffer

While I watch

While those that can actually make a difference watch also

Hard to see us ants from such on high

I see it from my roadside penthouse

As do most of us

Yet we are no different

Do as they do

They just have a hell of a lot more money then we shall ever see

Yet we still live with their mentality

I find that sad…. some what disgusting truth be told

And yet again I am no different

We are all built from the same gene pool

Some are more from the shallow end

Those from the deep end….

They do as they wish

As we do once our time is given back to us


Trekking across the mountain ranges or the rivers that we all love so much

We are all hypocrites

We ignore just as much as they do

We hate just as they do

We sometimes throw a coin or two into cup and call it good

They throw a few million into a charity and claim a tax right off

Society is doomed

We are doomed because we refuse to acknowledge the truth

The truth not only about them, but also about ourselves

We are a putrid race

We devour



The only time we ever truly care is if our Wi-Fi goes out

Or the cable is crapping out and we can’t see our recent reality TV show that shows

Someone with the IQ of a loaf of bread earning more then you will ever see

Yet night after night we…. well you…watch their drivel

I’ve given up

I’m done with humanity

We are a lost cause

We could create such an amazing world

Yet refuse….


Because it doesn’t benefit us

Because there is no money in it

Will it make us famous?


So why bother?

We are as a race…quite pathetic…

It’s true

I don’t like it anymore than you…you do actually see the world for what it truly is… don’t you?

A place so plastic we could crack once the sun sets eyes upon us

The heat of the day splitting the flimsy façade we have created

This pathetic world we now live in

That sadly so many stand up and applauded like we have accomplished something amazing…

Something so grand….

Look around you…

Pat yourselves on the back for this amazing world we have created…wallow in it…like most do…

Because they have no money to find this new true beauty we call humanity…

Fuck Mother Nature…. bitch…

Stare not into the stars and become in awe

Do they make me rich?


Well fuck them

Once we created pictures of cities at night with their bright glory, and called them beauty…we lost the plot…. completely….

Once you look at a building and gasp in awe of such greatness…. while ignoring the actual amazement of this earth…. then you have become a lost cause…

As I have become…

I am no different…

I see the realties to this world…. yet….

I still live within the depths of it…

I’d like to say I have no choices….

But we all do…

It’s down to taking that one step

Most of us will never….

The fear rips at our hearts…our souls…

Mostly our wallets….

It’s true…

We fear the loss of money…. it is the siren of all wonderful things

It was always supposed to be….

Just incase you haven’t figured that one out already…. she is our love…

Male or female…

She becomes he…becomes she… a shell

Becomes that thing you always wanted


Would kill for

As it seems many do kill for it

Not just in our current society

It has been a love worth killing for, for centuries….

Millennia sadly….

So many religious people sit and cast down greed


Sexual desires

Yet they are by nature intertwined into the very things they cast down

They become…. or already were part of the thing they are trying to destroy….

And we swallow it hook, line, and sinker

Throw more money into the churches pot…clen’s your soul

For another week at least…

Homosexuals push their agenda to the point that homophobic ignorance whiplash twice as hard back at them

They in turn push their agenda that much harder…

Rinse and repeat…

All the while the soft sit on the sidelines gushing about how we should all just get along…while never doing a damn thing to change things…

They, you know…they are the ones who always shake their heads, and walk away…as always silent as ever…

Yet letting you know without hesitation you are a bad person for the actions you create…

Those that cough as they walk past a smoker…who is smoking an electronic cigarette

…It’s not about what you know…its about the point you want to make to those you think are below you…

By nature these days a smoker is below most people…

Cataloged next to child molesters and serial killers…

Second hand smoke…the real killer…. your accomplice….

As it’s always someone else’s fault…

We never take the blame…we just sue some poor bastard….

All the while posting someone else’s lies on Facebook, they create the image of their own personal views, slap on a famous face, and call it good…. Call it God?

Within minutes…. maybe an hour at its best it becomes viral…. a lie we make truth…. and be damned if the truth would ever to come out… it’s too boring…too real…

We want reality built around a creation of total fiction…we will die for it…. Call it pure evil…. all because the Internet told us so…

We are a glitch in time…

A fault in the bigger picture…

That annoying pixilation in the bigger picture…. a bug….

A virus….

We cause ripples in the pool…

When once if we really tried….

We could have caused waves…

A tsunami upon all of creation….

So sad we chose wealth….


Worthless desires

Yet that which we shall always desire…

Shall be the death of us all

I find it ironic that the National Enquirer has more truth in it than most mainstream magazines…

I find it sad…

That none of us at the end of the day really give a shit…

unless it benefits us…

And those who do….

Who are they again?

Faceless mannequins in an empty store

Leering for none to see…