September 10, 2014

My job currently has me venturing up to Seattle every week, the trip is via train,

and gives me too much time to sit, and think about things I normally stuff deep down

in the recesses of my mental baggage rack…..

The rocking motion of my train fills my mind with thoughts of sleep

Depression tries its never-ending assault upon my soul

Thoughts creep along the aisles as children scream

Hideous coffee washes down pale and sickly breakfast bagels

Causing my stomach to ache for a decent home cooked meal

Everywhere I look reminds me of death; with every breath do we reach

Ever closer to our demise

Smiling faces fill me with the desire to punch them

As a man behind me wishes every damn person walking by a glorious and joyful day

My negativity has won this war

A jaded shell of loathing now stands victorious

As a man gives a verbal tour of everything we pass by that you never wanted to know about

His monotone voice scrapping the insides of my skull

I would beg for death but am more scared of it than living

Puget sound slides silently by, a lone boat sits out in the middle of it

Gently rocking

Silently bobbing

Showing the world

My soul