2015 is the year of change, and what a change it turned out to be

August 27, 2015

So new-years eve 2014, we aren’t the kind to really celebrate the oncoming New-year (mainly because I just see it as a year closer to my death…but I’m morbid that way) we still welcome it in regardless.

My thing was as the title states “2015 the year of change!!!” fast forward to August 26th and we have 5 days left to find a place to live, not hard you’d think, just have to drop $35-$65 on app fees and start to pack right?

Wrong, it’s been quite awhile since either of us had to go out in search of a place to reside, and for whatever reasons Oregon has surpassed the impossible ability to rent fuck all, the hoops you have to go through never mind the rediculous high prices even for total shit holes is beyond the serious beating of a red headed step child.

To top it off the only house we were approved for turned out to be a scammer, so back to square one, for those that haven’t had to deal with house scammers, they basically search for reposessed houses, break in, change the locks then put it up for rent once they get first month, last month, security deposit, cleaning deposit and a vial of blood from your first born they tend to vanish like a fart in the wind with the victim in most cases unable to move in.

Luckily we didn’t feel right about how this “Transaction” was going down, so we reasearched and came to find the two involved were jacking a house that was repossessed and actually up for sale and in the final process of completion (No it wasn’t them buying it)

Our reasons for the sudden move were due to my getting ready to do some serious remodeling of the house only come to find half the construction previously done was illigal, and the house was actually (slowly mind you) splitting apart.

The whole set up with the bank stunk like a skunks gym shorts, and they promtly bought back the house (there’s more detail but it’s boring as shit) then gave us just over a month to get out, (see above) no problem!! lets hit the rental sites!!!

Sweet fucking jesus…..in our area alone there are 9,000 current repo’s going on!! and climbing everyday, hence the ability for con artists to hop on the real estate gravy train, demand for housing is so high a house that just went on the market this morning that we contacted was already hit 14 times within the hour.

So yeah, at the ripe old age of 42 I never thought I’d be staring at the possible chance of becoming homeless again (Amsterdam and Ireland in my 20’s don’t tell my mum) still, this rant aside it does give you a good amount of angst to write about…

Plus on the positive at least I’ll have an excuse for not sitting down and bloody writing something here 😉