nanowrimo. After two years of getting harassed I finally did it.

November 4, 2015

I heard about nanowrimo about 10 years ago, I had pumped out 4 books of poetry and God knows how many short stories, movie scripts (All rejected I have to admit) in about 2-3 years, so to me this seemed kinda stupid…

These days after the realities of life have grabbed me by the balls, and gave them a good ol squeeze I can now see the need to have that moment of “Total dedication” to just sit your ass down and write!!

I’m still having my moments of dufuq?? after reading my emails from other members from my local Portland group with “Breaking News”  and “Helpful Tips” this is all very new to me…I’m a loner so yeah…it’s kind of one of those mental moments of “ummm are they serious?” like I’ve mentioned many many times during my babbling crap in the blog section, I’m not your conventional sort of writer, I sit in public places watching people while hating them at the same time, I sit on the bus eager to listen to their weird stories as I despise their very presence, it’s a bit of an oxymoron I guess, I’ve been called a moron many times, so I like to add Oxy to the front of it to make it more stylish…(hey it’s Portland, this place is full of hipsters…I’m going with the flow)

So anyway, my girlfriend has been dogging me about doing this for almost 3 years, she had done it and loved it, she also knows I’m a little stagnant here and there with my writing…and my photography…even with the whole almost homeless bullshit we just went through I failed to capture that “holy shit now what???” angst I had building up inside my head (I was packing then loading then unpacking boxes…wasn’t much time for doing your own shit)

So now, we are settled…and I had no more “excuses” so I have now raised the white flag, and will do the nanowrimo…. it’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be….emails aside, I’ve decided on a story about (shocker) the apocalypse via a virus…but mines different, and to my surprise….I’m actually bloody writing…a lot…so I can no longer diss nanowrimo I guess…anyway if you’re struggling with your writing…fuck it…give it a try you never know…