November 6, 2015

For some reason Hotels these days kind of creep me out,

I’m always wondering who’s been in here before me,

what manner of virus did they leave behind

are they still alive? or did fate catch them that foggy morning at the cross roads?


The semi darkness do I creep

Ghost in tow begging for my sleep

Lights too bright I harken to hall as savior to my senses

This room of grandeur in pamphlet alone

Do its walls sit so close to my soul that I beg for release?

The need for escape does it writhe like worms through my mind!

Shouts in the distance

While sex plays down the hall

My shadows grow closer

My ghost she begs for sleep

My muse does she weep

My soul does it scream

What does this life truly mean?

Trains cry in the night

My murderer

My savior

Lights grow dim

My ghost,

let her in…