Cattle Train

November 7, 2015

I wrote this on one of my last trips up to Seattle, I had to go(very begrudgingly I must add)  2-3 days a week on Amtrak for 6 months to cover after we lost an employee (never could find him) but the trip in most cases was bloody terrible, almost always late from an hour up to 3-4 hours. You try sitting in a cramped seat for 6-8 hours see where your mind takes you.

Even though the views were stunning after the first month it all just melted together like the work of a street artist on acid…

Cattle Train


Those sweet sweet kisses caressing the moonlit night


Memories of pasts present future


Water laps at my heart, as tracks of iron bid thy passage north


Heavy heart does it go into the rising suns glare


As tree after tree, town after town shows me mankind is lost


We can no longer see the humanity for the people


Too many now


We scurry like ants beneath the feet of God headlong into oblivion


So soulless do we kill for no other reason than to see what it is like


Rusting tracks glide by, a hint of green on rotting sleepers


A hint of mother natures easy return


Her slight wink to those that know better


Mankind is but a whisper in time


A flea feasting on the blood of the universe


One day to be shaken off in final annoyance


by an entity we have sacrificed so many for, in the short millennia of our existence


To war century over century, fighting for nothing


Fighting for something


That never-ending desire to kill


To love


To fill the world with spawn to keep the blood line ticking along


In some false belief that we shall live forever if we do so


As Gods to our future generations, a rock to lean upon


Ten commandments to live by, to rule by


To kill by


The water laps silently through my window


I watch her gentle ebbs and flows, they seem stifled in the silent clackity clack of the trains constant motion


A mute child trying in vain to make the world understand her words


Hush now child, no more fussing


Lap against your shores,


Give us what we demand


Let us take without thought


Cut through the rolling fogs, and lonely hills covered in mist,


True beauty to behold, and the perfect route to the city


Selfishness and petty demands come from ignorant minds


I fear death, yet despise life


This pathetic version of what we call life at least


Fishermen stare blankly as my train flies by, no doubt laughing at all the cattle on their way to nowhere


How many in this cattle train look back at them with even a hint of envy?


How many even realize they were there?


We seem to gaze upon the world while never actually noticing its presence


Walking through life in a dream state of self destruction


We wait at a station on this pointless journey, and in silence a moth flies up to my window


As silent as the flowing waters, it sits upon the glass to show me the intricate marking upon its wings


Wings so fragile if I were to touch them they would cause her to fly no more


As always I am alone in this moment… the only one to notice


We trundle away towards the north, to continue my soul sucking journey


Lost now in the workings of my mind


Darkness creeps in, as the rising sun blinds my sight


I fear this coming night as I will once again go in search for my hotel ghosts


Towns pass by in a blur, each one swelling to the point of bursting


Nowhere is safe from mans never ending need to take over


To spread out


To conquer