I’m getting somewhat baffled by society these days…

January 25, 2016

First off. The pic is someone “Camping” on the side of a cliff, it baffled me then so I figured I’d use it…

I have another site where I go through all the trending news and post the really stupid things in life, but sadly it has also shown me the utter uselessness of humanity as a collective whole these days.

From rappers twittering the world is flat (I’m still hoping that is an amazing troll I must add) to the pointless constant mentions of this actress or that one caught on the beach in a bikini…. what do you expect them to wear? they aren’t heading off in search of the North fucking Pole, yet it seems to constantly make to the top trending news.

That and your usual reality tv “personality” showing off their latest styles or assets that we the poor people paid for given they do actually get paid to be on their own tv shows (just saying) we have now ventured down the racist path once more, is it because there isn’t enough police officers shooting people? now it’s the bloody oscars of all things, the recently enabled boycott of the oscars by black people in the industry has now spread to black people demanding their own “safe areas” at universities for blacks only See Here are we as a society so willing to go backwards?

It’s the 21st century people!! just WTF are we doing? The Middle East is a powder keg waiting for someone to light the fuse, refugees are dying out on the ocean in boats that are not allowed to enter ports, then when they do there’s a good chunk of extremists that go about destroying the countries they have been allowed to enter to receive a safe haven.

Apparently it’s a sport, and has been around for quite a long time in their culture it’s called taharrush and it is nothing short of utterly disgusting and demeaning towards women across the board, I’ve seen quite a few videos recently where Christians walked through Muslim areas of towns in the UK, and the violent reactions of both parties leaves me with very little desire to bring any form of religion into my life, yet most of these actions/incidents trend for less than an hour then vanish only to be replaced with some pointless crap like what is currently trending on FB as I type this blog post to save you time it’s Mathew Perry stating that he doesn’t remember 3 years of working on the set of Friends due to his drug and alcohol abuse.

Now if he is pushing his agenda to warn others….. shit even help others then great (spoiler: he isn’t, it was just a casual mention in an interview so why it’s trending I have no friggin clue) but why is it top trending when the world is going to hell?

This blog post is going into the random shit section because it is just my random shit vomited onto my screen, but I really hope there are others out there that think and feel the same way, this world… our world is heading for a solid wall down a dark alleyway doing 110mph and no one seems to give a shit about finding out just where the break pedal is.

They are all too busy stomping on Trumps electoral campaign while desperately trying to prove Clinton is Lucifer herself, bashing “libtards” cursing the refugee haters while they curse the gun control haters while they ramble on about how the world is flat while others vomit on about the moon landing was faked to bitching about someones spelling in a fucking comment section then label them as athiestistic morons who are then going on about left wing nut jobs pampering to the immigrants who are stealing the jobs from Americans that don’t even want the damn things to begin with over to demanding a wall to keep them all out, while blaming Obama for pretty much everything since Jesus was crucified, while corporations bleed the country dry as full time jobs have shrunk down to part time jobs, where most Americans have to have 2-3 part time jobs just to live but with 3 room mates and a talking horse (horse is optional)

while rents continue to increase, as food prices double while the minimal wage sits like the bastard at a family reunion, homes are being taken by the banks in illegal contract cover ups as more homeless fill the streets setting up tent cities on any plot of grass they can find while our world fills with the never decreasing piles of garbage, on land and sadly all across our oceans, racism is out of control fueled by corporate owned news agencies (I use the term very loosely I might add) corruption is rife across the board from politics to police enforcement while NASA strives to find a new world for us to destroy instead of just fixing the damn one we already occupy as the structure and foundation of not just America but most of the countries across this rapidly dying crumbling world are buckling under the weight of our collective ignorance…

Am I the only one that can see the Knights Templar coming back but this time with state of the art weapons to wage an all new war for “God”?


I’m off to watch cat videos… love those crazy fuckers…