January 7, 2017




Gang wars, child porn, prostitution, and drug abuse

Marriage for money

Divorce from cheating

Wholesale sex on the World Wide Web

Car bombs

Human bombs

Children screaming as they are dragged into a dirty white van

Never to be seen again

Holy wars

Serial killers, wasting diseases, alcoholism

Chain smoking through a hole in your throat

Sex scandals that shake the Vatican

That shakes the faith

War crimes that shatter the hardest heart

Date raped by a trusted friend

Incest like a cancer on the lungs of society

Pollution contaminating our food and water

Eyes closed

Wallets full

Rivers choked like an old woman

Murdered for $25

Killer never caught her family left in ruins

Bank robbed, innocent’s dead


Homeless kids sold for sex.

Hit and runs

Drink drivers killing families and friends

Puppies and kittens stuffed into bags and thrown from moving cars

Extinction of an entire species on a daily basis

Over population

Teachers sleeping with students

Teen parents

Police brutality

Human ignorance, a little girl missing and no one realizes until to late

Senseless vandalism just for kicks

Nuclear war forever hanging over our heads

Serial rapist caught only to get off thanks to his high priced lawyer

Free to rape again

Drug deals

In school

At work

At home

Sex for sale on billboards, the only way to sell products today it seems

A childhood hero dies from an overdose, not before beating his wife

Their shining name goes untarnished

Hospitals throw out people desperate for help


No insurance

No one to pay the bills so the doctor can perfect his swing at the golf club for the rich

Mothers and fathers murdering their children

The protector becoming the predator 

Humanity selling their souls for fame and fortune

Young children killing, just to see what it is like

Reality has become distorted like the elephant man

Fires that rage across a state dry and ready from the summer’s sun

A man stands back watching his masterpiece as the flames whisper their thanks 

His eyes glazed just like the woman who watches her husband as he eats his poisoned meal

Terrorism that grips the world as people kill each other for land on behalf of their God

A man boards a school bus, gun in hand ready to destroy countless lives by the days end

Police on the take

An unknown body found in a river

Name forever lost

Unless it was Jane Doe

A student unhappy at his expulsion returns to his school, killing anyone he Could find before the police arrive to send him to hell

I could go on forever

As every day presents me new pages to write

But I grow weary of this work

Turning my attention to the calming view 

In the distance I watch a flock of geese make their way across my world

This world would be so perfect a true utopia 

If only man

Were not its ruler