The Writer

I started writing as a kid if my memory serves me right. My first real assignment when I was around 8 years old was a school project where we had to write a story, then create the cover and bind it.

I was hooked from that moment on. Even though during my years I slipped off the writers life to pursue that pointless crap called living a normal life, I realized my mind wasn’t really built for it, and job after job told me I wasn’t wrong in my thinking.

I see stories in a pile of leaves that had been raked up but not disposed of. I listen to peoples conversations on the train or the bus, and build characters from their words.

To me life is… I’d use tapestry as an example, but to be perfectly honest it sounds kind of stupid to me. I’m a realist and crap like that does nothing more than piss me off, but still… life is an empty page really… with each sunrise waiting for us to fill it… usually with total rubbish from our day to day trudge through the bullshit jobs we all hold down through gritted teeth.

So to me writing, and having people read what I write is a gateway to another place where that dick down the road with his base so loud your cup of coffee dances across your desk as the moronic tool drives slowly down the road thinking his dick just grew another 3 inches is… no longer around… none of them are. They are a world away, as we soar over the horizon giving them all the bird as we silently flip from page to page.

I was also told to give a background on myself so here it is… I grew up in Sydney Australia. I was born in Liverpool England. I have traveled around the world about 6 times I believe, maybe 6 and a half as I now reside in America, been to quite a lot of countries, and experienced some totally amazing things in this short life.

One thing that hit me hard when my father died a few years ago was all of his stories are gone now, his dreams and random thoughts all lost in the upper atmosphere of our pointless hive mind that most seem to ignore these days.

It forced the writer in me to come back out I think. I refuse to lose my thoughts in death. Even if only 7 people read my stuff, then it will be enough for me as 7 is better than none at the end of the day.

My travels have taught me 4 things in this life when I finally did cut my mothers apron strings and stepped out into this big bad world…

Only to be given an internal examination in Asia for drug trafficking (They assumed given I was 20 and unshaven) as I have slept underneath drug users on a bad trip in $3 a night hostels, getting mugged in Amsterdamn, sleeping in bus stations, getting drunk with total strangers, and waking up in another country trying to remember how we got there, not to mention having my bags stolen in Dublin, soaking up the history of each country I have been to, and also having stood in a farmers field in Ireland in the middle of the night surround by sheep as the Milkyway silently passed over my head as every star out there shone brightly for me to stare at in total awe, and never to forget I met some amazing people from so many different countries all with a story of their own to tell… still those 4 things I was taught about this life we have…

Live it. Love it. Learn from it. And above all… write about it.

The Photographer

The pictures I take are, for the most part, pretty random. Sometimes I can see the photo I’m wanting to capture. The words oozing from the landscape almost begging me to take that picture. Sometimes I get what I can see in my minds eye… most times I don’t. Such is life really, if you turn away for a second it slips by unnoticed or unaccounted for. If you take enough bloody pictures however, you’re bound to finally get the one you wanted and those are the ones you see here.

Some might be a bit rough but they hold something that I just can’t let go and hit delete…

Once it’s gone… that moment is lost forever more and for some moments that’s just criminal.

The Poet

Poetry… to be totally honest with you… I’m not a big fan. Yet I seem to, or have been told I do at least, have a talent for writing it. I don’t honestly know given I’m my own worst critic but now and then I re-read some of my stuff and it actually blows me away. I put it down to my looking at the world from a slightly broken angle, and back when I first started to write poetry I could not for the life of me write long stories.

So I decided to write shorts… very short shorts, slapped the title Poetry on them and it worked. Some would call that blasphemy in regards to true Poets… but what is poetry but storys with no rules? No boarders or laws set down. You don’t have to appreciate poetry to be able to write it. I think in that regard it makes a person that much better.

To be able to write poetry without the influences of other poets, to me, is the pure, naked writing in that regard. Still, as I mentioned before, I tend to look at the world at a bit of a broken angle, so who am I to say?

My poetry comes with a general warning: The stuff you’re about to read can be more reality than you’re prepared for.

Other Pursuits

Cue Raven Publishing is the new born babe of my girlfirends creation, usually with me in the background nodding in a sad attempt to pretend I know what she is doing or talking about. It’s purpose is to help creatives get their work out into the real world with as minimal amount of fuss as possible. We have watched as so many websites have come and gone taking a lot of peoples hard work with them when they hit that delete button and give up.

Writers of all genres; artists, photographers, songwriters, and everyone else in between need a place to push their work. To promote and learn how to do it for themselves, not to mention talking to other like minded peeps. Too many sites today promise you the world, but in the end it always comes with a price tag attatched if you really want to get something out of it.

We won’t promise you the world, we promise to help you learn. We don’t promise to make you a New York Times best seller, we promise to help you format, improve, and promote. We promise to be here when you have questions, as all bloody creatives do, and we promise that you will never have to “Buy our 15-day course to improve your inner childs creative juices” or whatever rubbish so many of them vomit out these days for the same price as your next cars down payment.

We are creatives. We want to help other creatives to cut the binds of this time-limited, gray world. To help others in some small way to find that piece of golden cheese we all run through the maze looking for. We want it as much as you do, and like you, we have no intention of running through a maze with no outlet to get it. This life we were born into holds no rules, no laws other than those that were slapped down in front of us when we were kids… and now is the time to wipe that slate clean and start again but this time with the knowledge of our years and others of like minds to chat with and learn from.

Everyday is a learning curve,everyday teaches us something new, and it’s time to start putting all we have learned into practice.

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

~ Edgar Allan Poe