Gang wars, child porn, prostitution, and drug abuse

Marriage for money

Divorce from cheating

Wholesale sex on the World Wide Web


A Shallow finale…

I’ve never been a big fan of writing poetry that rhymes, but I thought I’d give it a go… plus all I have been posting is bloody shitty blog rants.


A Shallow Finale

With a blood curdling scream do I wake from my dream

 Trying not to embrace the darkness

 Clutching air to my chest do I lay back to rest

 All the while I ignored the rasping

 From the deepest recess I beat at my chest

 This mortal coil no longer mine for possessing

 Sad words while they’re spoken mirror lies as a token

 To make my soul sound so unique

 So pass by in procession and be done with this session

 My name you’ll forget in a week 

 So go to the wake have coffee and cake

 Tell jokes while you smile so banally

 Don’t be so grim like the reaper within

 We all get this shallow finale

A strange short story about a guy meeting Jesus in a bar…

I found this short I wrote years ago while combing through the sludge of my external hard drive, totally forgot I wrote it as it’s far too positive to have ever come from me, guess I wasn’t always an old jaded writer.

I was hesitant to post it, but figured screw it why not? if you can’t throw out all different kinds of your writing then what is the point of having a site, right? so good or bad here it is, I only did minor editing, so if it reads a little crappy my apologies for that, but I wanted to keep it as original as possible, I fear if I were to mess with it these days I would probably just hit delete lol still, whatever the hell was going through my mind so many years ago I have zero clue now. read more…